himalaya public Junior High school

  • Regd. No. 796/15427D
  • FOUNDED -2000

Facilities provided to students

Drinking water facilities

The anour of school installed RO to provide safe and fresh water to the students and staff. To maintain the regural supply of water four over head water tank have been installed time to time water is medicated and tasted by the water supply department.

Health camp

The school organizing health camp every year team of Doctors of Uttaranchal Dental Medical collage exercises the through check up of eyes, ear, throat, nose & they are so cooperative they used to invited the students and staff members of their prestigious collage and provide medicine also.

Assembly ground

There are too big Assembly ground one for primary section and other for junior & senior section. Everyday assembly is conducted on house wise basses the main features of morning assembly are prayer pledge, News through for the day talk on the important events & birthday of great men and Nation Anthem.

Mass P.T.

  • To full fill the aim of sound mind in sound body the mass P.T is displayed every Saturday. To keep the physical fitness and mental alertness different types of exercises are exercise by the students under the guidance of physical education teacher. Once is a week pranayama (A loom - velum) & different Assan are also précised.


The faculty in charge may demonstrate any sort of practical in the display area. The laboratory stock includes various students’ projects and innovative working and still scientific modular inventions. These are exhibited at the rear end of the laboratory showcasing the scientific aptitude and talent of our students.


A spacious laboratory boasting of excellent practical equipment for around 70-80 students, the physics lab is a place for learning, practical application and most importantly, team work and exchange of ideas.


There is an excellent lab faculty which is well experienced and well organized. The apparatus is of excellent quality and the best standard. Students acquire good knowledge and experience while doing the practicals. The lab is under camera surveillance which decreases the chance of using unfair means and misuse. It is well ventilated and provides comfort and ease to the student in action.

Parents teachers meeting

Class wise parent’s teachers meeting as a general features. Parents get golden opportunity to put their problem & what they expect from the teachers. This is the best platform where teachers and parents get the opportunity to instruct and exchange their idea. Suggestion given by parents are also implemented in practice.

Meeting of Management committee

P.T.M is conducted at list thrice a year members of management committee are kept in touch maximum activity of school their suggestion are sought and implemented.


After the of up gradation of school the proper & the suitable science lab & computer lab have been established at present there are 20 computers in computer lab each and every student is getting the opportunity to handle the computer & complete the syllabus as prescribed by the board.

Subject committee

Under the guidance of senior most teachers of different subject committee are constituted. The main purpose of subject committee is to split the syllabus term wise & decided the pattern of question papers. The question paper cover the object type question ( Yes / no , one word substitute multiply choice , Fill In the blanks) Short answered and easy type question weighted each question is also mention in the thought on the top of question paper name examination, subject, class and section and maximum marks and should be written clearly.


The school has separate libraries for Primary, Middle classes. The main library is ultra modern having a rich collection of books, periodicals and reference books catering to the need, taste and mood of the young learners and teachers alike. The library also has a good collection of audio / video cassettes and DVDs. Besides providing a compulsory period for library, children are encouraged to utilize the facilities available in the library during their free periods and holidays.


All work and no play would be hazardous for children’s growth. Special emphasis is put for student physical activity. Our large Playground plays a important role in it.

Cultural Activities

Students are encouraged to participate in Various Cultural Activities to make them aware of our culture and tradition.

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