himalaya public Junior High school

  • Regd. No. 796/15427D
  • FOUNDED -2000


Himalayan public Junior High School appeared on the educational horizon aiming at the cheapest & best

Educational horizon aiming at the cheapest and best education to finically backward students on 6th April 2000.At the time of opening the school there was only 60 students and 5 staff members in the year 2002 principal applied for the affiliation of 5th standard & the permission was granted same year in 2002. During this period the enrolment of students was 500 & the number of staff member was 13. In the Academic session 2015-2016 the chairman applied infrastructure was sufficient as given below -

It's a rare opportunity for any individual to develop a new school. I am proud and thankful to God for being fortunate to have got this opportunity to create ' Himalayan Public School'.

  • 1 class rooms including labs (science labs, computer labs & social science labs)=36
  • 2. there were36 computers
  • 3. numbers of staff members (26 teaching staff and 4 other)
  • 4. No. of student 350
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Our Infrastructure

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